An Africian Update From Destiny

Africa is an amazing land filled with wonder, vast unrealized potential, and its share of great challenges. Honestly, it not only seems a World away from the comfort and conveniences of most of our lives in the United States, it practically is; nineteen hours in the air at 600 miles an hour. You can do

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Ministry Transition

For so many years now I have been talking with leaders about change. Change is hard! While it is one of the common denominators of life, it is one of the most difficult parts. We can talk about it, teach about its necessity, prepare for it, even be its cause, but it is still one

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Three Ancient Words That Could Change The Way You Do Ministry!

I have always been fascinated with words and concepts. They are my stock and trade. Words are powerful. They are a gift that allows us to relate to each other with understanding. And understanding is the grand achievement of all communication from advertising to preaching. Without understanding, no objective that requires more than one to

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Controlling spirits

Be careful when you color outside the lines, when you march to the beat of a different drummer because if a spirit of control has its way, that drummer will be playing your death march.

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The House Of Caiaphas

Have you ever been to the house of Caiaphas? I have. I’ll bet you have too. If you have ever known the suspicion, or worse, maybe even the rejection of the very ones who should have been on your side, you have – you’ve been there. I guess there is no way to get around it, not if you’re committed to doing something great for God.

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The Fear Factor…

Your dreams have a natural enemy, a relentless predator. Like a lion on the plains of the Serengeti in Africa this predator is always lurking in the background of your creativity, waiting to pounce on your potential. It scatters your thoughts, ideas and dreams in a merciless charge of intimidation and terror. The dreams that are most vulnerable to its attack are the weak, isolated, and just birthed. This predator is called fear.

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Harvest Time

We often hear people say that it is harvest time and we all agree. But what does that mean really? Well, think with me for a moment and let’s look at the Scripture… Jesus said in John 12:24 speaking of Himself, “ I say to you that unless a grain of wheat falls into the

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Effective Team Building

Effective Leaders know that they can’t accomplish much all by themselves. They need the help of others. They need people, however, not just any people. They need the right people. The wrong people can be as destructive as the right people can be productive.

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The Vine Truth

I have never personally met a pastor who did not want their church to grow. We all know that growth is good. It is a sign of life, of health and strength. Scientists say that the basic vital sign of life is change, growth. Growth in living things should really happen naturally though, almost accidentally.

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