The Roar Of The Lion

Late last year as I prayed and asked the Lord for a Word for the coming year (something I have done annually for many years now) I felt directed to study the Prophet Amos. I felt that the Lord had a message for those with whom we minister from the Prophet. Now I must admit

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Mary Memoirs

The next time you read the Christmas Story from Luke, remember; it is Mary’s story that you are reading. The one told during an interview conducted by a young Greek Doctor/ Investigative Reporter turned Historian who preserved for all of us the wonderful story of the first Christmas as told by “Momma” herself!

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‘Epiphany’ is a word that describes a moment of enlightenment, a revelation, a moment when the light goes on and understanding is achieved. Educators look for it. Inventors live for it. Musicians are on a continual quest for it.


Leadership Or Managment? Both!

It has been said, “When it all is said and done, more gets said than done.” I guess this has been the frustration of millions of leaders since the first tribal chieftain held the first campfire council. It has been my experience that Leaders as a rule have plenty of vision. We love to dream. But learning to take a vision and manage the process toward its completion is something else.

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Value Driven Vision

I have learned some things about vision and mission working as a developer of Christian Leaders for more than twenty years. And that is where to not begin when coaching a leader or leadership team. Where not to begin is with their vision. Let me explain.

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Why Sould We Plant New Churches

I found Seacoast Church to be a very interesting place, with a beautiful location and building, great leadership and very innovative. In fact Outreach Magazine says that Seacoast is one of the top 50 most innovative churches in the World. Lead Pastor Greg Surratt shared a wonderful opening session on planting life giving churches. Here are several of his major points from that session.

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The Possibility Plane

Dreams begin in the imagination as perceptions and thoughts and become more as we meditate on them. Over time these perceptions become concepts eventually conceptions, a collection of organized ideas, ways of thinking. Given time and attention and they will consume us and produce the reality in which we will live.

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A Legacy Of Faith

Just about every PK knows what it is like to see their parents (mostly the men folk) sit around tables for hours telling stories, enjoying the victories and sharing the pain that a ministry lifestyle can bring. As a kid these times were not a drag to me as you might imagine.

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8 Keys To A Secure Future

Speaking to the parents I will say: Children learn through observation therefore we must lead by example. Hear these words of wisdom as you consider your responsibility to God and this child and to the future of your family.

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“Changing Your Climate”

I work with leaders of every shape and size and from literally all types of backgrounds, but one of the things that I have identified that is common among them all is the fact that they are all in some way and to some degree agents of change. Leadership by its very nature is about change.

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