What is Strategic Coaching?

I work with leaders and organizations in a coaching context to develop potential, enhance performance, and align goals within a specific arena. We accomplish this by developing a collaborative relationship that is clearly defined and has pronounced boundaries. My Coaching efforts focus on and move people toward purposeful action. It is a process of training, encouraging, correcting, and challenging the individual or organization to become all that they can become.

Why Should You Hire A Coach?

Coaching is about discovery, motivation and action; it is about learning, decision making and then making a move with the appropriate response! It’s discovering what really matters most to you, and how that should affect your daily life.

Therefore, my strategy will include helping you discuss and ultimately define your values (what you feel is most important to you) and the vision, mission and strategic actions that those values produce and support.

Transformational Conversation

My job as a coach is not to give advice but rather to explore, question, and stimulate your creativity through transformational conversation. It is not therapy. It is a guided and directed discovery of yourself and any potential barriers that are in or around you that inhibit your success. Through coaching you should also discover ways to increase your performance.

Transparent Relationship

As your coach I’ll be a friend and confidant, your greatest supporter, someone who knows you well enough to recognize your greatness and then challenge you to rise to it. Our transparent relationship will free you to go to places you\’ve never gone before.

Support System for Change

With support, encouragement and accountability from someone who believes in us, we can do far more than we\’d ever accomplish alone. I’ll help you stay on track, overcome obstacles and convert your want-to into concrete steps that get in your date book and get done.

Consistent Leadership Development

Coaches don’t give solutions: they help you solve your own problems. As a coach, I’ll help you learn and master your personal keys to success instead of telling you what to do. By leveraging every situation to build your capacity as a leader and a person, together we will prepare you to conquer much bigger challenges in the future.

What Will We Focus On?

The answer is, “Just about anything!” Performance coaching does just what its name says: it helps you increase your performance. Or you can work at discovering your destiny, organizing your life, getting into an exercise program, slowing down, turning a dream into reality… you only need to answer the question, “What do I want to do different?”

You might be wondering, “What qualifies a coach to help me in so many different areas?” Remember, a coach is not an expert in a certain field who gives you advice (that’s consulting). And a coach is not someone more senior than you who is showing you the ropes (that’s mentoring). Coaches are change experts who help you find the solution that works for your unique situation.

So if you want more from life—more growth, greater purpose, maximum performance, complete the form below and let’s get started!

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