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8 Keys To A Secure Future

Speaking to the parents I will say: Children learn through observation therefore we must lead by example. Hear these words of wisdom as you consider your responsibility to God and this child and to the future of your family.

8 Keys To A Secure Future2009-08-28T14:07:59+07:00

“Changing Your Climate”

I work with leaders of every shape and size and from literally all types of backgrounds, but one of the things that I have identified that is common among them all is the fact that they are all in some way and to some degree agents of change. Leadership by its very nature is about change.

“Changing Your Climate”2009-08-20T23:28:25+07:00

No Distance In Prayer

There is no distance in prayer! Not when you serve a God that is, as we say theologically, transcendent of time and space and, here is another word for you... He is Ubiquitous meaning "being everywhere at the same time (omnipresent)". When we pray we are touching the heart of a being who is ubiquitous,

No Distance In Prayer2009-08-01T15:04:37+07:00
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