One of the great temptations in ministry is to become inwardly focused. Often, it’s not because of ego or pride, but sometimes simply the weight of the responsibility that we feel as ministers can become overwhelming, all consuming. Between advancing our vision and at the same time working desperately to keep people on the “merry-go-round” of happiness, we can become stale, lethargic, even experience burnt out. I recently asked several ministry friends why they believed it was important in their own lives that they come away and spend some time together with other ministry friends. Here’s what they had to say…


“ It is inspiring and refreshing to be around others that build you up, reaffirm your call and challenge you to keep moving forward…” Clint Elsasser, Authentic Church, A New Church Plant In Rockwall, Texas


“”No man is an island unto himself” even applies to pastors and para-church leaders. We must have the opportunity to cross pollinate as well as fellowship with those who understand our struggles, seasons and successes!” Jonathan Suber, Pastor, Faith Community Church, Shreveport, Louisiana


“Its Biblical to gather…. We need people; people need us. We need each other. Jesus, who seldom reviled His emotions, clearly felt great sadness because Jerusalem (the Jews) failed to gather to Him during their day of visitation.” Mark Briggs, Pastor, Riverpark Church, Shreveport, Louisiana


“When we gather together it’s like the miracle of the feeding of the 5,000. There is always more than enough, and fragments to take home with which to feed others. When I gather together and am fed, I then can feed others out of my overflow!” Bobby Rivera, Pastor, Covenant Life Center, Victoria, Texas


 “The Destiny Gathering is a safe place to be refreshed as well as an opportunity to make new friends” My wife Melissa, enjoys it as much as I do! Jeff Phillips, Pastor, Promiseland Churches of Kentucky


 “The Destiny Conference is always a refreshing and encouraging gathering of our Covenant Family. The strategic connections God is sprinkling into my life are extremely valuable to me so, I can’t wait to get out of my normal routine — be spiritually refreshed and have some “hang-time” with my Destiny Family in a relationship-rich environment!” Tom Lowe, Pastor, Christ Church, West Monroe, Louisiana



Well, it’s time for you to come away!



June 6th-8th come home to Heber Springs in the Arkansas Ozark Mountains for three days filled with things designed to refresh you and help to answer the WHY questions in your life.



Over the years, Destiny’s Covenant Family of Friends has grown into a group of fivefold ministry leaders, staff, and friends who share a common passion for God and the work of the Lord, not to mention an amazing future in the Kingdom. Plus, we love to get together! Every year the Destiny meeting is hallmarked by great ministry, warm fellowship, and times of powerful spiritual renewal.  And this year will be no different. Plus we have added several awesome events to the mix.  For example, we have planned a kids Vacation Bible School that will be going on Thursday and Friday from 9AM till 2PM for ages 4-12.  So, you can bring the kids and know that they are being ministered to while you’re having fun. On Thursday we have fishing, golf and shopping excursions planned that are sure to delight and offer great opportunities to connect with one another on a deeper level. We are planning exciting meal times (courtesy of Covenant Life Center in Victoria, Texas) with fun themes to spice things up. And, of course the services will be life changing. There will be a special Destiny Worship Band and powerfully anointed speakers.  You simply do not want to miss it.


There is no cost for the conference, food, or for the kid’s VBS! It’s God’s treat and our opportunity to bless you who give so faithfully throughout the year!


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