Me & Noah

Me & Noah

We have a grandchild now, Noah Dawson is his name, and I must admit that all those years that I would see Grandparents ohhing and awing over their grand children I often thought, “now really, it just dosen’t take all that”. But it does, it really does!

Having a Grandchild has been an amazing experience for my wife and I. (And of course it helps to have the prettiest, sweetest man child ever born of the sons of men.) I’m not sure why its “all that”. I mean children have been being born since Adam and Eve first got things started. But there is something about a grandchild. I don’t know, maybe its that when you look into those eyes you see the future of the tribe or something. You realize your own mortality and that this little innocent child holds the future of the clan in his/her hand. You realize on some visceral level that God has blessed your family to live on…Well anyway.

Regardless of what it is, if it is true and it absolutely is, and the future, your future, is held in their little hands, then we had better train them up right. So I thought I would share 8 keys to securing your future. And it relates to how we raise our children and the values that we install into them during their childhood. I have used this list with couples during baby dedications and I believe every word is true:

Speaking to the parents I will say: Children learn through observation therefore we must lead by example. Hear these words of wisdom as you consider your responsibility to God and this child and to the future of your family.

1. Always speak truth. As you speak truth your child will learn the importantce of honesty and the power of integrity.

2. As you demonstrate personal disciplines he/she will learn reason, logic and self control. (Discipline teaches logic by the way.)

3. As you demonstrate love he/she will learn to value relationships.

4. As you walk in forgiveness your child will learn the power of mercy.

5. As you demonstrate Godly stewardship  your child will learn to be generous, responsible, and become rich.

6. As you show kindness, concern and care for others he/she will learn the value of service and selfless sacrifice.

7. As you demonstrate your hunger to learn yourself, he/she will understand the value of education and have a hunger to pursue it.

8. As he/she sees you relate in a serious way to God, The Kingdom and The Church, he/she will learn to believe or not believe.

He/she is the clay but your are the potter. It is not what you say but what he/she sees that will define his/her future.