Effective Leaders know that they can’t accomplish much all by themselves. They need the help of others. They need people, however, not just any people. They need the right people. The wrong people can be as destructive as the right people can be productive. Leaders need can-do, energetic, enthusiastic, well-adjusted people. But when trying to find these wonderful people I’ve just described, one can face many challenges. The truth is, good people are grown, developed, and trained. They are built out of raw flesh and blood, breathing individuals with strengths and weaknesses.  They must be trained and coached
to reach their greatest potential.  For a leader then, the development of people becomes “job one”.

Happy people, people who are sold-out to their cause and their mission, are the most effective in accomplishing their objectives. They require less management, are more dependable, and create a more powerful, more productive environment in which to work, not to mention a satisfying team experience. They also are contagious. They draw people like themselves to themselves naturally. Their attitudes are lighter and more optimistic than most, and as a result, they enjoy a greater level of success.

In the process of people development and the placement of those developed into their most
productive position on your team, several things must be considered. First you must have a
mission, plan or objective. This will determine your staffing needs. Once you have that in
place you can now begin to recruit the right people to fill the positions
your task requires.


1. Spiritual condition – One’s relationship with God is the cornerstone of potential.
2. Personality – There are four basic types. Do you have the right personality (not person) for the job?
3. Attitude – 95% of a person’s life is determined by their attitude.
4. Character – The sum of who they are – Responsible, Trustworthy, Consistent…
5. Skills – Training, trade experience, educational background, people skills.
6. Reputation – What other people think about them.