Your dreams have a natural enemy, a relentless predator. Like a lion on the plains of the Serengeti in Africa this predator is always lurking in the background of your creativity, waiting to pounce on your potential. It scatters your thoughts, ideas and dreams in a merciless charge of intimidation and terror. The dreams that are most vulnerable to its attack are the weak, isolated, and just birthed. This predator is called fear. And it is without a doubt, the greatest threat to your future and your dream’s survival. But where did it come from? How did it get so close to us, within striking distance of our hopes and plans for the future? It did not just get close to us; it got into us. It was allowed entrance into our minds by our parents, our first parents, and the parents of us all, Adam and Eve. They taught us to be afraid.

The fear factor…

When Adam and Eve rebelled and sinned against God the natural thinking process based on faith that they were created with, was lost and a fear paradigm (mentality) replaced it as the motivation (germination) of our thoughts and dreams. As a result of sin our imagination has been infected with fear causing much of our creative ability to have been neutralized. A Fear mindset will destroy your dreams through the intimidation that comes through the fear of possible failure. Fear destroys, faith creates and develops; it is as simple as that. Faith allows you to look into the shadows of possible failure with an expectation that all is going to work out right. But a fear mentality causes what we often refer to as Murphy’s Law to dictate our decisions. This pessimistic law says; “What ever can go wrong will at the worst possible time.” Faith on the other hand, introduces you to a completely different Law, an optimistic law that says, “What can go right will and at the best possible time”. These two laws are at constant odds with each other. But from a Kingdom point of view fear also puts us at odds with God. Fear doubts God’s ability to produce His will in our lives.

Our ability to succeed will to a large degree be determined by our ability to overcome our fears by releasing upon them their greatest nemesis and sworn enemy, faith. Both faith and fear will work in our lives. There is no denying this truth. They exist in varying intensities and strengths based on the experiences of life that have made us who we are and what we have decided to do with those experiences. And while they are opposites, they continually compete for control. We must, through a decision of our will, choose to silence one and release the other. You must decide and do it quickly! God has made you to be the master of your own will. But it is where faith exists that you can and will enjoy success. Where fear takes over you will begin to experience failure. A life of faith will position you to live out your dreams free from the self-imposed limitations of issues from the past, and allow you to live an abundant life in the process. A life controlled by fear will sabotage your potential and possibilities, and produce a life of frustration and disappointment. Faith will make your life a leadership example; fear will make it a warning.