Jesus clearly intended for His followers to broadcast the news of salvation in His name to the ends of the earth. And they empowered with the Holy Spirit, did just that. How effective was His plan? Well, we call it the “great Commission” and “Great” really doesn’t do it justice. It is without a doubt the most effective marketing effort ever initiated. In essentially one generation His associates would follow His plan into virtually every nation on earth. Against overwhelming odds and in desperately hostile environments they charged, growing stronger with every new market they accessed.


The introduction of the Gospel into the Roman culture would play a leading roll in the demise of the morally bankrupt society the Roman Empire had become, and with its arrival a new world order would emerge. Within three generations it would become the leading influencer in every sector of society, globally. And it is still the most recognized brand in the world and the cross the most recognized icon in all of history. There are more franchises (local congregations) in more local communities and more ethnically diverse environments than any other entity in all of history. The Bible is the best selling book of all time and has been since it was first introduced into the mainstream marketplace. Can you imagine that kind of mega-dominance; the number one best selling book for over 500 years?


The story of Jesus is unquestionably the most dominate force in marketing for the last two thousand years, and all this during times of tremendous change. This kind of marketing effectiveness is mind-boggling and would be the envy of marketing professionals through the ages. Professional strategist would have predicted its demise long ago and it has not succeeded without opposition. It has been attacked by politics through ideologies that demanded it surrender its place of social leadership, economics realities have threatened its financing, social upheaval and cultural trends that have suggested its message is obsolete and irrelevant, and educational systems have questioned its accuracy and legitimacy, but it still remains undeterred in its purpose and progress as well as effectiveness. How’s that for staying power and market share?