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Motivated by God’s Will

I believe that the fountain of right and wrong, both in the area of decision and action, is motivation. Motivation has in it a root word, motive. And the word has come to have a largely negative connotation. But we all have motives. They rest quietly behind every decision and action we make. The question

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Running With Champions

The Olympics are the most celebrated games of history. Dating from the 700’s BC, some of the earliest events were the foot races. They were generally a 200 yard dash around the stadium. The runner would fix his eyes on a square pillar which became his mark or goal and would run with all of

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Experiencing a Move of God

We often talk about wanting to experience a “move of God”. It is a phrase that is part of the religious language we speak as Christians. As individuals, churches and ministries, we pray for it, seek it and long for it to come. Just knowing that God is aware of our needs and desires to

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The Beauty of Holiness

Worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness, Bow down before Him, His glory proclaim; Gold of obedience and incense of lowliness, Bring and adore Him—the Lord is His Name.   These were the words of songwriter, John Monsell, who was an Anglican Priest and Vicar (Pastor) of several churches in England in the 1850s

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The River of God

One of the most beautiful places in America is an amazing natural spring in North Central Arkansas. It is more than a small spring bubbling up out of the ground, the Ozarks Mountains of Arkansas and Missouri have lots of those, but this one is special. The name of the spring gives a bit of

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Less Of Me, More Of Him

Working with leaders over the years, I have often remarked to them, “If you will reveal your thoughts to me, I will reveal your future to you.” “What you meditate on, you will become over time.” Our words are simple expressions of the thoughts of our heart. These thoughts are dictated and defined by our

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Where Is Heaven?

More than nine out of ten Americans say that they believe in Heaven. Almost every culture has traditions and legends about it. Philosophers have imagined it, artists have painted it, poets have been inspired and written about it, each trying to provide a glimpse into its shadowy wonders.  The ancient Greeks thought of Heaven as

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Why Is It Important To Gather Together

One of the great temptations in ministry is to become inwardly focused. Often, it’s not because of ego or pride, but sometimes simply the weight of the responsibility that we feel as ministers can become overwhelming, all consuming. Between advancing our vision and at the same time working desperately to keep people on the “merry-go-round”

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Kingdom Things I Learned In A Dream

There have been moments in my life when faced with great dilemmas or situations that I have received wisdom and direction through dreams. And I also have experienced rare, but incredible moments of spiritual warfare in dreams. I know this may sound strange, but there have been moments in my life that as I slept

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