Salvation Is By Works…

The issue of righteous in the life of the believer hinges completely on one of two concepts: either personal performance or grace. We can’t mix the two. They are totally different realities. And I must choose to invest my faith in one or the other (although we often try to live in a bit of

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Where Is Heaven?

More than nine out of ten Americans say that they believe in Heaven. Almost every culture has traditions and legends about it. Philosophers have imagined it, artists have painted it, poets have been inspired and written about it, each trying to provide a glimpse into its shadowy wonders.  The ancient Greeks thought of Heaven as

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Mary Memoirs

The next time you read the Christmas Story from Luke, remember; it is Mary’s story that you are reading. The one told during an interview conducted by a young Greek Doctor/ Investigative Reporter turned Historian who preserved for all of us the wonderful story of the first Christmas as told by “Momma” herself!

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8 Keys To A Secure Future

Speaking to the parents I will say: Children learn through observation therefore we must lead by example. Hear these words of wisdom as you consider your responsibility to God and this child and to the future of your family.

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