The River of God

One of the most beautiful places in America is an amazing natural spring in North Central Arkansas. It is more than a small spring bubbling up out of the ground, the Ozarks Mountains of Arkansas and Missouri have lots of those, but this one is special. The name of the spring gives a bit of

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Salvation Is By Works…

The issue of righteous in the life of the believer hinges completely on one of two concepts: either personal performance or grace. We can’t mix the two. They are totally different realities. And I must choose to invest my faith in one or the other (although we often try to live in a bit of

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Where Is Heaven?

More than nine out of ten Americans say that they believe in Heaven. Almost every culture has traditions and legends about it. Philosophers have imagined it, artists have painted it, poets have been inspired and written about it, each trying to provide a glimpse into its shadowy wonders.  The ancient Greeks thought of Heaven as

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Three Ancient Words That Could Change The Way You Do Ministry!

I have always been fascinated with words and concepts. They are my stock and trade. Words are powerful. They are a gift that allows us to relate to each other with understanding. And understanding is the grand achievement of all communication from advertising to preaching. Without understanding, no objective that requires more than one to

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The Fear Factor…

Your dreams have a natural enemy, a relentless predator. Like a lion on the plains of the Serengeti in Africa this predator is always lurking in the background of your creativity, waiting to pounce on your potential. It scatters your thoughts, ideas and dreams in a merciless charge of intimidation and terror. The dreams that are most vulnerable to its attack are the weak, isolated, and just birthed. This predator is called fear.

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Mary Memoirs

The next time you read the Christmas Story from Luke, remember; it is Mary’s story that you are reading. The one told during an interview conducted by a young Greek Doctor/ Investigative Reporter turned Historian who preserved for all of us the wonderful story of the first Christmas as told by “Momma” herself!

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‘Epiphany’ is a word that describes a moment of enlightenment, a revelation, a moment when the light goes on and understanding is achieved. Educators look for it. Inventors live for it. Musicians are on a continual quest for it.


Value Driven Vision

I have learned some things about vision and mission working as a developer of Christian Leaders for more than twenty years. And that is where to not begin when coaching a leader or leadership team. Where not to begin is with their vision. Let me explain.

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The Possibility Plane

Dreams begin in the imagination as perceptions and thoughts and become more as we meditate on them. Over time these perceptions become concepts eventually conceptions, a collection of organized ideas, ways of thinking. Given time and attention and they will consume us and produce the reality in which we will live.

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