Salvation Is By Works…

The issue of righteous in the life of the believer hinges completely on one of two concepts: either personal performance or grace. We can’t mix the two. They are totally different realities. And I must choose to invest my faith in one or the other (although we often try to live in a bit of

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Ministry Transition

For so many years now I have been talking with leaders about change. Change is hard! While it is one of the common denominators of life, it is one of the most difficult parts. We can talk about it, teach about its necessity, prepare for it, even be its cause, but it is still one

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Three Ancient Words That Could Change The Way You Do Ministry!

I have always been fascinated with words and concepts. They are my stock and trade. Words are powerful. They are a gift that allows us to relate to each other with understanding. And understanding is the grand achievement of all communication from advertising to preaching. Without understanding, no objective that requires more than one to

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The Fear Factor…

Your dreams have a natural enemy, a relentless predator. Like a lion on the plains of the Serengeti in Africa this predator is always lurking in the background of your creativity, waiting to pounce on your potential. It scatters your thoughts, ideas and dreams in a merciless charge of intimidation and terror. The dreams that are most vulnerable to its attack are the weak, isolated, and just birthed. This predator is called fear.

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Value Driven Vision

I have learned some things about vision and mission working as a developer of Christian Leaders for more than twenty years. And that is where to not begin when coaching a leader or leadership team. Where not to begin is with their vision. Let me explain.

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