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The Fear Factor…

Your dreams have a natural enemy, a relentless predator. Like a lion on the plains of the Serengeti in Africa this predator is always lurking in the background of your creativity, waiting to pounce on your potential. It scatters your thoughts, ideas and dreams in a merciless charge of intimidation and terror. The dreams that are most vulnerable to its attack are the weak, isolated, and just birthed. This predator is called fear.

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Harvest Time

We often hear people say that it is harvest time and we all agree. But what does that mean really? Well, think with me for a moment and let’s look at the Scripture… Jesus said in John 12:24 speaking of Himself, “ I say to you that unless a grain of wheat falls into the

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Effective Team Building

Effective Leaders know that they can’t accomplish much all by themselves. They need the help of others. They need people, however, not just any people. They need the right people. The wrong people can be as destructive as the right people can be productive.

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The Vine Truth

I have never personally met a pastor who did not want their church to grow. We all know that growth is good. It is a sign of life, of health and strength. Scientists say that the basic vital sign of life is change, growth. Growth in living things should really happen naturally though, almost accidentally.

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